About Dothan Motor Company

Early History
Our company mission is to add significance to our Team's lives and to our Customer's lives. This concept even goes back to our company's founding. While serving in the Army Air Corp at Napier Field during World War II, Mr. J.O. Smith saw the opportunity to sell used vehicles to cadets who came to Napier Field for training. So, in 1946, Mr. Smith founded Dothan Motor Company. Though he could find vehicles to buy, there was a drastic shortage of tires due to high military demand for rubber. Mr. Smith developed a system to find old tires and located someone in Midland City to recap them for him. If you were in Napier Field and needed a car, J.O. Smith was the man to see. Mr. Smith would tell the new owner, "When you ship out, I'll buy the car back." In this way, Mr. Smith sold some of those same cars three or four times.

When the war was over, Mr. Smith saw the need for cars for budding families in the Dothan area. With the help of Noel Dowling, he obtained financing to purchase more vehicles and open Dothan Motor Company, Inc. Later, in 1948, in conjunction with car sales, Mr. Smith opened General Finance Co. to provide loans to the public. From this experience, he decided to sell and finance cars in one place. Thus the Buy Here, Pay Here Dothan Motor Company, Inc. was started.

DMC Continues to Grow
In 1970, after serving two years in the U.S. Army and with three years experience in sales training in Birmingham, Alabama, Jim Smith (a graduate of Auburn University) joined his father at Dothan Motor Company, Inc. At that time, the company had one salesperson and one detail person. Jim Smith served as president of the Alabama Independent Auto Dealer Association from 1985-1986 and president of the National Independent Auto Dealer Association from 1992-1993. In 1989, while Mr. Smith was serving as Dothan Motor Company president, he won the Alabama Independent Auto Dealer Award. Several years later, his brother, Dan Smith, joined the company. In 1993, Dan's oldest son Todd, was interested in working with Dothan Motor Company, Inc. and began to train in sales. About this time, in the interest of our customers, Dothan Motor Company, Inc. became one of the only Buy Here, Pay Here dealers in southern Alabama to offer a warranty on their vehicles. Later, Dan Smith's son Todd was promoted to President of the company in 1997.

DMC Today
Exciting things are happing at Dothan Motor Company, Inc. In 2006, Dothan Motor Company, Inc. was named the top Buy Here, Pay Here dealer in the nation by Leedom and Associates- and in 2007 was ranked 15 of the top 50 independent retailers by Auto Dealer Monthly Magazine. In the fall of 2007, Dothan Motor Company moved all its lots and its vehicle service center to a larger MegaPlex at the intersection of Reeves St and Headland Ave. This allowed DMC to be able to offer a larger selection of vehicles and services to our customers in one central location. In fact, we keep an average of 100 cars on our lot at the Dothan Motor Company MegaPlex and another 100 cars in storage, waiting for their inspections and their turn to make it onto our lot. Where our company started off with one salesman and one detail person, now Dothan Motor Company, Inc sells an average of 1200 cars per year and has over 40 employees to help get the Right Person into the Right Vehicle in the Right Situation.

How Our Customers Feel
"Thanks again for standing behind your world. It's people like you all that help those of us that has had a rough do at times with our credit, and you don't make us feel like we have credit problems when we come in." - M. Cooper and Family

"You have always worked with us to get the payments we can afford. And we have always been treated fairly. That is why we keep coming back to Dothan Motor Company!" - W. Gumpenberger

"In 2006 I purchased another car from Todd a 1999 Ford Explorer very good SUV and they gave me no hassles about getting the car within 2 hours I was driving off their lot. To me Todd Smith and his staff care about their customers and want to make sure they are treated right. No other dealers used or new have given me this kind of service." - K. Ralston

"All of their employees are always kind and ready to serve you. � You should know as long as they have been in business, that ought to tell you something." - J. Outlaw

10 Reasons To Buy From Dothan Motor Company Inc

1. Family Owned and Operated
DMC was started in 1946 by J.O Smith and has been operated and owned by members of the Smith family ever since.

2. 48 Hour Exchange
DMC wants you to feel comfortable in your purchase decision. For any reason, you may exchange your vehicle within 48 hrs. of purchase. DMC is the only independent dealer in the area that offers a 48 hr. exchange program because we want you to be satisfied with your purchase.

3. Warranty
Covers lubricated engine parts, transmission/drivetrain, air conditioning components. Our warranty also provides nationwide Roadside Assistance.

4. Quality Vehicles
Newer Body Style (our inventory includes 09,10,11 models). Our cars have fewer miles than other BHPH dealers and all vehicles are serviced, inspected, and detailed. In fact, 1 out of 10 cars don't even make it to our lot. Some lots just buy cars and put them out, we take the time to inspect and care for every car we put out on our lot.

5. Helps Build Credit
DMC Reports to Equifax and TransUnion Reporting Agencies.
Why buy a car from someone who doesn't report your good pay history? With higher credit amounts, you will be closer to being able to purchase your dream home or new automobile. Reporting positive credit will increase your score, which many companies use to extend you credit. We Help People Recover From Difficult Life Situations - job loss, divorce, bankruptcy, death of a loved one - whatever the reason, we can help with 2nd and 3rd chance loans.

6. In-House Financing
Fast decision making process means less time spent at the dealership - usually 2hrs or less. Talk face to face vs. phone to phone, this gives you the ability to explain your personal story.
Personal loan officers and account reps assigned to you. This allows you to build a personal relationship with your representative.

7. On Site Service Center
11 bay service center means quick in and out service and the ability to inspect all new purchases. Our service center employs ASE Certified Technicians and state of the art equipment are two of the reasons we are able to service your vehicle quickly.
All of our cars receive a 60 point inspection. Our certified technicians inspect every vehicle that is put on the sales lot. Again, 1 out of 10 will not make the grade and won't see the lot.

8. Shorter Terms
Own your vehicle in 36 months or less. No long, extended payments and interest and no penalty for early pay off.
Ability to trade earlier - Trade-in program at $1500 balance remaining. Payments tailored to fit your budget - payments set up based on your pay day. We set you up for success by putting you in the car and payment you can afford.

9. Best Selection in Town
We have 100 cars of varying makes and models at our MegaPlex on average, and another 100 cars in storage, being cleaned, inspected and awaiting their turn to be put out for our customers.

10. Excellent Customer Care
We strive to put the Right Person in the Right Car in the Right Situation. The Right Person wants to improve their credit. The Right Car fits your personal needs and fits your budget. The Right Situation is the commitment to a good paying history, which helps you improve your credit, your life and get the car or home you deserve.